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10 Music Rounds For Thanksgiving With Singing Round 210 – Forever On Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving!  I found this quote and felt connected to it for many reasons.  And thank goodness I used it because I got this great melody from it that moves down the major scale.  It feels like a refrain of a song!  I like the melody so much that I’m ignoring the very prominent parallel 5ths.  I did write an alternate version, but it makes the melody so counter-intuitive and complicated I don’t think I’ll even publish it here.  The option to rid the round of parallel 5ths is to sing it in 2 parts, not 3 or 4.

Enjoy your day!  Maybe you can sing a round with your ‘home’ today!  I recommend this one (of course!) and/or one of the following 9:

Gobble Gobble  (range: 5th, easy)

All That We Behold (range: 6th)

Perils and Gratitude  (range: 6th)

Thank You (range: 6th)

Thanksgiving Comes Again (range: 9th)

November (range: octave)

I’ll Flow in Thanks (range: octave)

Come Home   (range: octave)

Thanksgiving Time is Near  (range: 10th)

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