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Singing Round 318 – 35 Digits of Pi

Happy Pi Day!   Not only do you get two rounds tonight, you get a round that uses the first 35 digits of Pi in a 2 part round.  It’s beautiful how math works.

I composed this round by using the 10 digits appearing in Pi and assigning them to a scale degree.  Do = 1, Re = 2, Mi = 3; F = 1, G =2, A = 3.  When in the case of 9 and 8, I used the octave and the 9th scale degree (up an octave from 2nd scale degree) and with 0, I used the note below “1” or the lower leading tone.

After spreading it out and finding some natural cadences, I changed up the rhythm.  It was a fun challenge this evening. 🙂   I hope you enjoy it!

choral music singing round first 35 digits Pi song mnemonic device

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