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Rounds About Music

As I complete my project, I’ll keep a log of all the rounds I create here with links to them and information about them.  I’ll separate the links into categories based upon range, tonality, difficulty, and subject.   Hopefully, this will help people find rounds faster.  Sing, sing, sing!

Rounds about Music

1 – Dominant to Tonic
3 – More Singing
12 – Where Words Leave Off
20 – Legato, Staccato
40 – After Silence
45 – Subdivided Round
56 – Music Expresses
57 – He Who Sings
70 – I got my Beats
93 – Hear the Music
95 – All Hail 4-Part Harmony
145 – Sing Your Song
128 – School Supplies List
159 – Our Reply to Violence
172 -Compound Quadruple Meter

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