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Rounds with Proverbs

As I complete my project, I’ll keep a log of all the rounds I create here with links to them and information about them.  I’ll separate the links into categories based upon range, tonality, difficulty, and subject.   Hopefully, this will help people find rounds faster.

Rounds with Proverbs

14 – A Ship in the harbor
27 – When Spider Webs Unite
29 – Storms and Oaks
33 – Who Thinks An Inch
37 – Peace
38 – Forgiveness
81 – Words of the Tongue
84 – Dance My Heart
91 – The Stars Can’t Shine
118 – How to Avoid Criticism
132 – Vastness and Love
150 – After the Leaves Have Fallen
173 – Be a Friend
186 – You’re a Fool
187 – Raise Your Words
191 – Free Yourself
192 – Three Things

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